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Everywhere we go we hear sweet whispers of your beautiful hair. This week you tapped yourself on the head and asked “Mama, is this red”.  You have heard countless compliments, and are  beginning to notice that there just might be a little something special about you.  I can tell you little girl it is the sweetest red your daddy and I will ever see. Your hair has been growing for three years and it just now makes a tiny little ponytail. We love you baby girl!


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  • Heather - I absolutely adore how you write to her. What an amazing gift to be able to share with her someday along with some gorgeous photos. Love it!ReplyCancel

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  • Heather - These are absolutely preicous. She’s going to cherish this one day!ReplyCancel

  • Kasey McCoy - How cute!!! My daughter’s hair has just started to get long enough now to where I can put it in a piggy tail. At this age, they are just to cute for words! :)ReplyCancel

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A photos of my daughter every week for 52 weeks.

My little snuggle bug. Naps have been slowly slipping out of our lives. It’s a rare day that we find you curled up all snug and sleepy. When we do we hold on tight to these sweet moments.



You are learning so many new tricks. This little one you picked up at school, and I learned the hard fun way! Apparently you have been working on making hand prints. You have mastered painting your hands and decided to conquer your body. I only left the room for a quick minute. A perfect masterpiece created in a precious moment.The Easter Bunny brought you fun bath drops this year and the blue is by far your favorite color. On this day, you turned the water blue all on your own.

I love you baby girl! Your are my little ar-TEE-st!

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    • heather - I mean her!ReplyCancel

    • - LOL,everyone always thinks she is a boy. Even when she is dressed in pink! The paint all over the body cracked me up.ReplyCancel

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Your face is changing almost as fast as you are progressing. But you are still the same you. The you-est you, that only your daddy and I will ever know.
I am so grateful for how excited you are to learn and experience new things everyday. Last night when I was tucking you in bed we read Dr. Seuss’ Wacky Wednesday
We have read this before, but it has been quite awhile. You were interested in a way you have never been interested before.  As I turned the page you would quickly point to something, anything,  and say “Oh No-wa”. By the end you were taking your time, studying everything carefully and then you would point. Point to something that was actually quite wacky and tell me what was wrong. I was proud very proud, but I am quite sure you prouder.
We love you very much baby girl! We love the part of you that is the you-est you!


  • Rebekah - She is so beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how much they change so quickly! What a great project.ReplyCancel

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